beauty break

Thought I would share some moments of beauty with you today. I started my morning appreciating my spray rose/hydrangea mix from the local green market, which were only $8 bucks by the way, and some Publix sprinkle cookies. I love the colors.


This afternoon I visited a client on Palm Beach and had to take a pic of how gorgeous the water is today.  I even saw dolphins! Totally made my day!

ImageDon’t forget to take a moment to appreciate the beauty where ever you find yourself.



bubby chic

Let me tell you about my Bubby. She is one strong, stubborn, classy, elegant lady with all the answers for any life problem or health issue, who also happens to have one beautiful condo worth sharing. Her style is antique glam- a clean, sophisticated look with an appreciation for one of a kind pieces mixed with a touch of glitz and gild. I view most of her home as that one room you were never allowed to go in, fearing you would crease the sofa cushion and leave footprints. We got some quality B time in today and enjoyed a lovely afternoon talking about zombies, the Pope, current events, and birds.

Ladies and gentleman, without further adieu, Bubby…


This is my favorite spot in her home. These three tufted cocktail chairs are glamorous but understated. Bubby has owned this furniture for more than 50 years and they look brand new. She has reupholstered them a couple of times, this go around she went with a clean, white moire fabric. Image

The sheers are a simple lace, a pattern you rarely see anymore. I would love to do more projects with this fabric, so soft and romantic. Oh and stupid me, I took so many more detail photos but accidentally deleted them!  Control Z please?


A tried and true seating group. Love the clean look and moments of splendor with rose colored velvets and embroideries.

Fun fact: That table is custom made. Those were her andirons she made into a table base! Smart cookie, huh?


Now we move into the breakfast room with a fabulous lucite dining set. I adore lucite, I would love to have an army of lucite side chairs if i had a large enough space and 20/20 vision. I see this style coming back in a big way this year!


oh and can’t forget the Bubby glitz placed in the middle of the table base!


 She was known to be quite the hostess with a closet to match filled with custom, one of a kind pieces for any event. If I had it my way, I would frame 3-5 pieces and create a series of large scale shadow boxes on my imaginary 15′ high walls. They would be breath taking.

Bubby still leaves some garments out, absolutely aware of how beautiful these pieces are.


Even though her closet is amazing, her most prized possession is her African Gray, T Rex.


To end our tour, I left the best for last. Her views are amazing, with the intracoastal to the west and the ocean to the east.

Doesn’t get much better!


The Bubs, doing what she does best- looking fabulous


Any space inspire you this weekend? I hope everyone had a great one and ready for Monday!


where it’s at weekend

It is a pretty busy weekend here in South Florida. Here are some the happenings in your area!

Komen South Florida Race for the Cure– This is the second year I am participating and proud to be part of a team with a cause. Come and out and support!

Downtown WPB on Flagler starting at 7:30AM

South Florida Fair– Fun for all, rides, farm animals, and top notch people watching

South Florida Fair Grounds running daily until Feb 2nd

Art Palm Beach– think a smaller scale Miami Art Basel with contemporary art. I have never been but the exhibits via the website look amazing. 

Palm Beach Convention Center – Thursday to Monday 12-7PM

Sand Sculpting and Seafood Festival – a three day event showcasing great food and a sand sculpture competition with final judging on Sunday

Lake Worth Beach – Friday – Sunday 

Change up your weekend routine and do something different! 


five things

Good evening crew! I hope everyone had a great week.  Again,  I have been a little absent, my apologies! All week I felt like I can never catch up in any aspect of my life. Ever feel like that? If so, let’s breathe and say together “one thing at a time, one thing at a time”. Does that feel better? Good!

Here is a lil recap of some of the activities I’ve been up to this week and a special shout out to my dear friend, Dominique for motivating me today! 🙂

1. It all started with a movie date and hot chocolate with my go to girl, Shawna. With all this cold weather non-sense who wants to go out and brave the cold? And, anyone who knows me, knows I can’t say no to marshmallows.


2. Palm Beach Install. One major contributor to my hectic schedule this week is work.  We installed a home for a client who wanted a relaxed and beachy home. We had some things to work around with this aged beauty of a home, but it came out beautifully! Here are some progress pics and will post some final ones next week!

IMG_6764      IMG_6766


3. Last weekend I took a trip to Miami to see some of my besties and we decided to go to the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM for short) and it was AMAZING! Not only for the contemporary art, but for the building as well. Designed by the famed architects, Herzog and de Meuron, located right on the water and the star of the Miami Museum Park renovation plans, this museum is an excellent addition to the Miami community.

I can not begin to explain how great this space is. Even the parking garage is fantastic! They really paid attention to details with areas of lush foliage and various opportunities to allow light to penetrate throughout the entire garage. From the garage, you emerge surrounded by hanging gardens and the ocean breeze. Image

Before even entering, we grabbed a cappuccino and chocolate croissant from the cafe, so European I know, and enjoyed some time on the stairs looking over the water.


miami bestie selfies

The materials of the building are perfect, with concrete and teak offering a clean background to showcase the art, while adding some warmth and texture with the wood. The building also has these great, intimate niches throughout the entire space that allow people to reconnect.


I guess you can tell I can go on for days about this, so I will just share some of my favorite pieces and hope you have the opportunity to experience this amazing space. The current exhibit highlights various types of art of from Latin artists. A must see!


This piece is made on site with the treads of a traditional Mexican blanket.


painting on shower vinyls


obsessed with these colors

4. Another Miami must do is The Filling Station downtown…delish!! I heard they are super close to being on Diner, Drive ins, and Dives- they even have a challenge on the menu awaiting Adam on Man Vs Food! It’s 9 burgers, 9 onion rings, 18 slices of cheese and 2 pickles – if you eat by yourself in an hour with the tots and its free. Sooo, who’s hungry?Image

did i mention sweet potato fries, with honey?



dont mind the blur, eating too fast per usual


5. My grandma love’s to sew and her grandkids love to receive hand made blankets full of g-ma love like its candy! She recently started making fleece throws and begged her to make me a chic one for my living room. It is finally done and just got this snap shot of it today showing it with surprise tassel fringe!! OBSESSED!  She certainly out did herself and can’t wait to pick this sucker up. Not only do I love the blanket but I love it more because she made it. Listen up kids – don’t take family time for granted, always make them a priority!

ImageI hope everyone has a great weekend!


9 Burgers, 9 homemade onion rings, 18 slices of cheese and 2 whole pickles $39.2

friendship ties

Today I find myself particularly grateful for the wonderful people I have the privilege of calling my friends. I am very lucky that I managed to meet amazing groups of women during several different phases of my life- high school, college, and graduate school, and each group strives to keep in touch with each other. As I was skyping with one of my dear grad school friend in Atlanta, I thought how neat that we both took two hours out of our day to sit and video chat with one another?

Sometimes we take simple pleasures like this for granted and forget to make time for those who matter in our lives.

I am 100% guilty of this sometimes. I find it so easy to get caught in the monotony of my daily routine and work, that nothing else seems to have a chance to creep into my thoughts. Then I think, well, all these smart phones and computers make things so easy to keep in touch, why don’t we do it more often! With modern technology, we can all send group emails and texts so that your entire gang can get in on the conversation and actually get a good dialogue going, surpassing the boring how’s work, life and family questions.

Currently, I am in one group text with my high school friends, where we wake up and end the day together, everyday, an email chain with my college friends celebrating a pregnancy announcement, and a Whatsapp group text with my graduate friends in Atlanta and Mexico full of promises to take a trip together this year. Isn’t that pretty amazing?

I tell each one how much I love them and appreciate their friendship often.

Don’t let life get in the way of the things that make life livable. Take the time to reach out and get connected. Never underestimate the power of a friendly “just checking in and saying hi” text or “thinking about you” email! I hope I inspired to you take the time for those people always in your corner!

How do you like to stay connected and in touch with the people in your life? I would love to hear new, interesting ways!

“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.” – C.S. Lewis 

my kind of weekend

Good news! I survived my first run exceeding 3 miles! My cousin and I decided it would be a great idea to sign up for the Superhero Scramble which consists of 8 miles (it was really 9.5) and 25 obstacles. The obstacles can range from climbing over a wall to swimming 1/4 of a mile and climbing a rope 2 stories tall. I must admit, I didn’t really train for this, just my regular crossfit routine and it wasn’t too bad. I felt fine running this long of a distance but swimming…that is a different story. Someone has to work on their back stroke or just swimming in general!

Here is how my Saturday started, carbs and more carbs


my cousin as Captain America and me as the Hulk, naturally, before the race. We couldn’t bring our phone since there were lots of jumping and swimming but just imagined us like this, only worse, at the end of the race. Exhausted but we did it!


Like I said before, it was also my sister’s 31st birthday. I had to muster up the energy to go to one of my favorite restaurants, DaDa House in Delray, for her night out on the town. As always, it was delish!



We aren’t done yet! The birthday celebration continued with brunch and mimosas at Wine Dive and kayaking off Flagler. I def recommend Wine Dive for brunch. The environment is eclectic and up beat, but tamed enough to enjoy a great breakfast.


me kayak

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend full of first times, celebrations, family, and sun. How can you beat that? I don’t know how I was capable of so much physical work, so I that note, I think it will be ok if I just curl up on the couch tonight for some HBO Girls and Talenti Salted Caramel Gelato – extra scoop!


What did you do this weekend? If you are ever in the West Palm area, definitely look up some mimosa brunch spots and water sports for the ultimate Sunday Funday!

X j

favorite things

Happy Friday! Anyone have big plans for the weekend? I know I do! I am running my first long distance obstacle race (8 miles, gasp!) and it’s my older sister’s birthday. I will share the hopeful accomplishments and events later. For now, I would love to share the five things I am currently in love with.

1. 2014 planners

I love writing notes and making lists.  A new year is a perfect excuse to go out and buy yourself a new monthly calendar. I know most people put their appointments in their phone, but there is something entirely sophisticated with being able to thumb though your gold edged, leather bound date book and jot something down.

2014 Desk Diary, White Gold Metallics Leathergigi new york metallic plannersmythson fuchsia planner

2. anything crystal and agate

I dabbled a bit in expanding my knowledge of the power of crystals and think they are fascinating. I love the organic and unique look each crystal possesses. In the same category, agate is something that is just so appealing to me. I stop in my tracks every time I see it. Nowadays, there are many different retail sources to incorporate crystals and agate into your life.

p.s. I hope to share some of my findings on crystals soon!

pedra agate coasters

unearthen ‘astara’ gold vermeil ring

3. chicest slippers in town

We all know I am sucker for pajamas. I feel like we are close enough to now share my love for slippers as well.  I don’t know what it is, but after a shower all I want is to be comfortable and cute. Is that too much to ask? I think slippers are just the cherry on top with the pajama set. I cant wait to place my feet in these suckers at the end of the day.

Pom poms on slippers are also mandatory.

ugg andi slippers


4. shea butter

After writing my DYI facials post, I dug deeper into some other natural ways I can promote great looking skin and hair. I found numerous articles on the benefits of shea butter. I know most people use it for stretch marks but it is also great for hair. Twice a week I will use it on my dry ends and just put my hair up in a bun over night, then wash in the morning. A little goes a long way, so I warm it in my palms and continually rub it through my hair until I covered all areas. I definitely see the difference!

5. the walking dead

I am never one to follow a TV show weekly, but over the holiday break I got sucked into the Walking Dead series. That might of been the best worst decision ever. The show is amazing but now I am finding any free moment to catch up on episodes to prepare myself for the mid season premiere in February ! If you haven’t watched an episode I suggest you do, then clear your schedule for the next two weeks.

Have a great weekend

X j

the perfect recipe

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we all welcome a sense of normalcy and calm into our lives. Not to mention some low budget thrills to help relieve our bank accounts from holiday expenses. But what can I do that’s fun and inexpensive, you say? Well, I got the answer…pizza night! No, no, not Papa John’s or Domino’s. I am talking real dough (I cheat and actually get the dough pre-made at Publix), guest’s choice of toppings, and a variety of delicious pizzas everyone can dig into. Pizza night could not of come at a better time, especially with that pesky polar vortex out there – indoors and inexpensive-you’re welcome! 

Pizza is more than just delicious, it is perfect for a group of friends to tackle together. I always thought the pizza making process gave everyone in the kitchen a significant job and allowed all to participate. For my group, we had some that were great at rolling out the dough…not to mention the select few that could toss it, pouring the sauce and mixing toppings, and the heavy lifting of rotating pizzas out of the oven. I truly believe pizza has a way of bringing people together, not to mention the Peronis that just seal the deal.

Here is my pizza, it’s my favorite pesto prosciutto artichoke and mozzarella pizza. You can find the recipe at the end of the post.



a friend opted for pepperoni


the after math.. we had about 5 different pizzas Image

another group activity for dessert, fondue!


I think we were pretty happy with our meals!


pesto prosciutto artichoke and mozzarella pizza

1/2 cup pesto

1 stemmed portobello mushroom – I forgot the mushroom last time but a must have! 

3 tsp. evoo

salt and black pepper

all purpose flour

8 ounce of pizza dough- Publix usually have them chilled in the bakery section


6 marinated artichoke hearts – I usually just buy the canned 

6 ounces mozzarella 

prosciutto slices – your preference of how much


1. preheat oven to 450 degrees

2. place mushrooms on baking sheet and drizzle evoo, bake for 10 minutes then combined mushrooms and juices in a bowl, season with salt and pepper

3. lightly dust counter top with flour and press dough into a thin disk approx 9″ in diameter

4. dust baking sheet with cornmeal and place dough, spreading the pesto sauce on top leaving 1/2″ border for crust

5. arrange mushrooms, artichokes, and cheese over pesto. Bake for 10 minutes 

6. place prosciutto over pizza and bake for another 5 minutes until crust is golden brown. 


Let me know how it goes, I would love to get some new and exciting recipes in my book! 

x J


cozy interiors

Hi friends! My apologies for being MIA this week, I had to return to work and catching up was exhausting! Today, I am inspired by the cold weather that seems to be making its way across the country. I don’t know about you, but in South Florida we had about two days of cold weather-rough I know- and it made me think of cozy, warm interiors. What would I want to come home to if I lived in Boston, after walking through feet of snow, finally breathing  a sign of relief that I am inside?

Les Gentianes

I love this space for numerous reasons. I think the wood texture brings in a certain level of warmth, which is only highlighted by the warm glow of the lights. The high pile of the rugs and texture of the fur poofs  accentuate the cozy feeling of this living room. I am also a big believer that neutral colors can work great for a lodge-esque interiors. Most people resort to the reds, yellows, and browns to exude “warm and cozy”, but as you can see, there are plenty of ways to lighten the space while begging you to curl up by the fire!

Rustic Barn

Interior Winter Inspiration- Dressing your home for winter | DeSmittenEclectic Interior

ok, brace yourself… I am going to shake it up a bit!

Red Velvet Sofa Warm And Cozy Interior Decor

Bohemian Scene

Even though this detours from my soft, clean, neutral palette, there will always be that bohemian/shabby chic part of me. Most people wouldn’t take this approach for a northern home, but I think it would work just as great as any of the above. The colors are warm, cheerful and exciting, as opposed to the monotone landscape outside. The brick wall just kicks is up a notch and grounds the whole space, which is very similar to using wood.

What do you think? What would make your home feel like the perfect retreat from the harsh conditions?

hello 2014



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope everyone welcomed 2014 with open arms and ready to make the most of another year. I know I am! This year, I am determined to push myself further in all areas of my life ranging from personal woes to professional feats. I am going to try to put myself in those situation I usually avoid in hopes of over coming fears and reaping the benefits. Instead of resolutions, I just try to reflect and always do better to become the best person I can be. What do you hope for the upcoming year?

I hope everyone had a great night and an even better start to the year. I just lounged today, totally unproductive but well needed to gather my strength for work tomorrow. So much to do so little time! 

Here are some shots of my night. Have a great day tomorrow! 


                           Who doesn’t love photo props?


                    Happy New Year!!!!!!


                          My go to girl