new do, new you

It’s finally finished! The re-vamping of the living room has come to an end..for now. I wanted to take my space to a slightly more mature level, to match my new chic, modern hair do! As you can tell, I am all about moving forward now-a-days and putting my best foot forward. I even got myself some personal business cards!

Anyways, there are still a ton of things I would love to do – new light fixture, sofa, coffee tables, just about everything, but I am on a bit of a budget. The main thing I wanted to achieve was a clean, bright space with pops of color here and there to achieve a boho, mid century theme showcasing an eclectic gallery wall. Again, I am on a budget so I did most of the art sprinkled with a few pieces I collected along the way.   

Here is a before and after overall shot…




I got rid of the stripes, not going to lie, a little sad to see them go, changed out my teeny weeny side table, re-purposed some artwork, and added a few pieces like my design on a dime bench from target and vintage bar stools. 


Everything just seemed to work out perfectly. My fiddle leaf fig tree is doing great, I had this random metal vase with polo sticks just laying around that balances off that corner and an existing trunk that was hidden under a console table now being used as an end table more in scale with that ginormous lamp. The trunk also promotes that vintage, eclectic feel I am going for- plus I didn’t have to buy a new table!   

For the artwork, I had this one large piece of plywood that was the ground for two paintings I did. I felt the birds were not cutting it anymore and I needed one big, solid piece to really flow into the rest of the art. Sometimes, we forget how forgiving canvas and wood can be and we end up spending more money than necessary. As a painter, I know the value of a good canvas and I am not afraid to splash some white paint on an old or yucky piece to start a new. This piece was not exception. I had detached the canvases, filled the holes, sanded, and painted right on top. I didn’t bother to prime (in most cases you should) because I admire the wood grain and don’t mind to see the waves through the paint. 


ImageOh, and here are my bar stools from the 70’s I got at a flea market for 40 bucks each! Obsessed and so comfy! 


There you go boys and girls, with a little imagination, creativity, and determination- not to mention time, I was able to transform my space by just making a few adjustments. I am pretty pleased with the results and am already getting anxious for my next move…so much inspiration! I hope if you were inspired to tackle that home improvement project you have been putting off and think outside the box on how you can improve your space. You will feel so accomplished after! 

Remember to have fun! 




4 Comments on “new do, new you

  1. LOVE the artwork and LOVE the barstools!! It looks great! I hope you are enjoying it. For my 30th birthday I would like a painting please!!! :))) Love you

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