semi green thumb

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my desire for a yard full of lush foliage and beautiful flowers but alas, I foresee a couple more years of balcony potted plants in my future. I was never able to keep plants alive but through some personal strives and set backs, I am starting the get the hang of it! I noticed plants becoming more of a featured items in homes and would love to share some of the tricks I picked up to ensure that your home is continually surrounded by green!

1. Numero Uno.. most important… know your plant!

Do research on the plant you are interested in and make sure it is appropriate for the space you are planning to place it. I know my plants home is going to be semi sunny and in a temperate climate, so a beautiful plant needing lots sun might not be the best choice (learned this the hard way!). I found succulents and Jade work best for me.

2. watering

I think it is important to keep the water around air temperature as to not shock the roots. Again, this might depend on the type of plant but this keeps the soil at a consistent temperature. Plants also fair better when you water in the morning or at night, allowing the water to really seep in the soil instead of evaporating in the hot Florida heat.

p.s. don’t forget to pour some extra water in the drain dish for the plants to soak up later.. it might be extra thirsty!



3. maintenance

If you notice a patch of dreary looking flowers, remove them! Not only does it look prettier but the plant benefits from removing the dead weight, literally. If there is just a few dead flowers, it is ok to gently remove the buds. If it requires shears, always trim at an angle and from the base.


4. observe

I routinely rearrange the placements of the plants because the sun is stronger on one side of the balcony and burning can occur on the plants that can’t seem to take the heat. If i see this happening, I will move them to the shade.

5. enjoy!

I learned what plants do best for my schedule and climate. I sometimes don’t have the time to water everyday, so I make sure that I get a heartier plant that can survive a few days without water. I don’t have the best track record with flowers but have found some that don’t wilt easily and again, survive without their busy mom – Begonias and Desert Rose. It is all about the not giving up because the pay off is well worth it! Plants are known to increase concentration and memory, while promoting relaxation in the home. Not to mention they just plain make you happy with increasing the amount of positive energy in your life!


What plants work for you?




One Comment on “semi green thumb

  1. I have a Desert Rose, a Mangrove and 2 Aloe plants. I think it may be time to put the Aloes back in the shade as the Spring sunlight is bleaching them out to a light pink color.

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