rules of engagement

Ciao Ciao! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I know I tried to make the most of it! I even went on a date.. scary but exciting. I love meeting new people and having great conversation but the rules of dating are always so frustrating to me. I feel like everyone tries to conform to these social standards that no one really understands why. And by everyone, I might just be speaking for myself.

I am no dating expert but I think I am a normal, level headed, social young lady that likes to be honest and upfront. If I want to text or call someone the next day, why can’t I? Is it bad that the date asked me to a BBQ the next day and I went? People told me not to go because it would look as if I had nothing planned for the day or giving up my previous agenda, thus trying too hard to see him. But if I am having a good time with him and would love another opportunity to get to know him more, why wouldn’t I go? It’s rather funny, huh? It is as if the more you are intrigued by someone, the more limits you place on yourself, preventing the momentum of the relationship. None of it makes sense to me!

Anyway, I am learning as I go. I am taking the approach of doing what I feel because that’s me and if they don’t like it, then I am happy to find out now rather than later. We’ll see if this approach works or you might be seeing a few more single rants from me! Besides the date, I had plenty of things to be happy about. Here are some of my shots throughout the rest of week to continue my 100 Happy days. It consisted of rug shopping for a client (how many dhurries can I fit in my car?), lunch date with my mom and family friend, finally putting my gallery wall together – but it still needs work so it is only a sneak peak!, and my run by the beach on this glorious Florida day.

What sort of things brought light into your life this weekend?





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