happy days in my future

How could I forget! It’s the start of my 100 happy days!! I hope some of your decided to join me in my quest to become more optimistic and grateful within my life. Today is day two..

Day one is a fresh hair cut! I use to have mid waist length curly hair but decided to chop it off and go for the keratin treatment. Hello straight hair! I like flipping it around and running my fingers through it, a la Disney’s Little Mermaid. I might look like a weirdo on the streets, but hey, don’t judge. I feel like I have a mature, yet chic, hair style and i’m lovin’ the change.

ImageAnd for today.. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with my on going art gallery wall. I scrounged up a few random frames and can totally picture how great this wall is going to look (fingers crossed). The mix of colors and styles only accentuate the eclectic vibe I am trying to pull off. I would love for this to look like a collection of art acquired over time rather than a collection of Homegoods purchases.


 These might be small things, but hey, it made me smile and that’s what matters!

What made you smile today?!



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