100 happy days

After seeing multiple people post about 100 happy days on social media, I had to do some internet research to find out what this was all about. I know I am little late to the game, but I beyond thrilled with this movement! Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner!!?? If you were in the dark as well, let me clue you in.

It is simply noticing the things that make you happy for the next 100 days and documenting it on social media. They say the social media part is just for you and not for anyone else, but knowing my stance on social media I have to question their motive. Anywho, I do like that I can look back and see the moments that made me happy over the past 100 days. I think people should take a moment to remember the good things everyday, rather than dwelling on the stress and drama of work and life. Sometimes, we just get so caught up in everything. It’s great to create a sort of goal to remember to look at the positive things surrounding you. Like this face – Image

The motive of the movement is to have people take the time to be in a better mood, realize how lucky they are and how great their life is, become more optimistic, and commit to a challenge. Um, was this created for me?

Don’t be shy, and click on this link to look forward to the next 100 days with me (starting April 1st) : 100happydays.com

Cheers to loving you and everything you have!



3 Comments on “100 happy days

  1. I’m totally doing it! Thanks for posting about this, I guess I was out of the loop haha–what a great idea! I think after the 100 days, it could be cool to do something with all those photos… like a poster or something.
    -ps- I’m finally signing up for twitter hahaaha

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