springing into color

I usually deter away from bright colors and stick to my neutrals and basic black in both fashion and design, but recently I find myself gravitating towards the brightest shade of pink and the set with the most variety of colors. Here are few items that I recently picked up that brighten my day and my outfit whenever I wear them, plus a few things I hope to get along the way!

I got this set of bracelets at PAMM (remember that art museum post I did eons ago?) well I forgot to mention they had an awesome and obtainable gift shop!


I got these on a whim online, I just fell in love with the way the colors were weaved together. I would def recommend these to any lady who is constantly trying to achieve the tightest pony. These bands are so thick that it takes them a while to stretch out, it was even a struggle looping it three times with a fresh one!


hair bands

Tribal prints have been a staple in my wardrobe for a long time, but the colors are now becoming less muddled and more vibrant – and I’m not complaining! Not only do I love the print, but the crop top and skirt set is a welcomed suit in my book. I think we will be seeing a lot of more of matching sets this spring.


tribal set

If we are bringing back sets, we might as well bring back the fuchsia lip stick! I adore lip stick and every time I see that pop of hot pink I get so excited that someone was brave enough to rock such a saturated color. I try to wear it as often as I can but wish I could do all mundane activities wearing this color.

Imagelip stick

I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest pillow. In my opinion, you can never have too many. This pillow describes my dream combination of colors exactly. The texture is just an added bonus!

Imageturkish pillow

This is what i’m working on. I have been eyeing the cow skull for a while and when I saw how they spiced it up with colorful tread, flowers, and feathers,  I am more determined to get one now more than ever! I use this as a reminder and inspiration that anything can be updated to fit into your current style or a quick change, you just have to get creative!

Imagecow skull

I hope everyone is well adjusted to the time change and has a bright day tomorrow!



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