be my guest: 5 things

This weekend my dear friend is coming into town and I can not be more excited!  But before we can pop open that bottle of wine and enjoy some quality girl time, I have been running around gathering the essentials to make sure she  enjoys her time in my little apartment we call home. Here are my five rules of thumb to make it look like you are always put together, with a beautiful home, and earned your spot as the hostess with the mostess.

1. clean sheets and towels


Always, always, always make sure you do a load of laundry consisting of some clean sheets, shower towels and face towels. Think like a hotel, what would you expect if you were sleeping over somewhere?

2. clean up and organize


I usually clean every Sunday, but i will make an exception this week  ensure my home is in tip top shape for guests. I believe a house is a reflection upon you and a messy home might lead someone to believe you are equally messy. Put your best foot forward and organize your things into piles, sweep those floors and don’t forget to take out all trash cans – no one wants to see or smell week old trash.

3. fresh flowers


Flowers can make any house feel like a home. You can not go wrong with any type or color flower. Studies show that people are just happier when flowers are in their presence. My personal favorite are lilies because they look beautiful, come in a bunch of different colors, and they smell fantastic! The scent takes over the entire apartment, I love waking up to them.

4. groceries


Some people might disagree but I think it always important to stock up on the necessities like bread, eggs, milk, fruit, and snacks when guests are expected. If you know some of their favorite things, even better! I know my friend is a fellow juicer, so I made sure to have plenty of options for juicing. We also have a tradition of making eggs and toast on Sundays whenever I spend the weekend at her place, so I plan on doing the same. A hungry guest is never a happy guest!

5. have a plan


Having some sort of plan of action is equally important as having a comfortable home. Make the most of their entire time spent with you with ideas for outdoor/indoor activities- in case of unpredictable weather, reservations for dinner, and a variety of going out ideas- depending on the mood. This way, you avoid the 30 minutes of blankly looking at each other hoping someone else would just make a decision. You could even be adventurous and try something new!

I always admire those people that can pull this together so effortlessly. So far, I have 3/5…there’s always tomorrow! What are some of your host rituals?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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