beauty break

Happy Monday is over! Today was a lil weird with some unexpected surprises at work, so I just wanted to share some of the things that are bringing beauty and happiness at this moment in my life.

While I was out shopping for my weekly fruits and veggies at the farmers market, I spotted these two hanging air plants. I love everything about them and especially how the star fish as a teeny tiny lady bug on it. Hopefully it will bring me some good luck! Right now, they are happy outside but I hope to bring them inside to hang from my ceiling after a little shifting occurs in my living room.


Look how just a couple hanging plants really transform a space. I love the eclectic vibe!

Imagehanging plants

My second source of joy are these shoes which were given to me by my Bubby during our last visit. They are old Cole Haans and super comfy. I wear them almost everyday and love the fact that make noise similar to a high heel when I walk. I feel sophisticated and vintage chic. Oh and don’t mind the thunder thighs, obviously I have not mastered the art of taking feet pictures like so many of my blogging peers.

ImageThanks for taking a break with me!



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