eating clean

I have been on this whole better mind, body, and spirit kick lately and my newest obsession is “eating clean”.  It is not a trendy diet with counting calories, it is simply eating things in it’s most natural state. That means, saying bye-bye to things with preservatives and high sugar/fats. I also try to buy organic meats that are free of GMO’s and other foreign hormones. It might make my life a little bit less convenient but after being exposed to a series of unfortunate events and heartbreaks through my family and friends, I have a new respect for our bodies. I want to try my best to take care of myself in all ways I am capable of. Changing what you consume is a great place to start! 

I started buying all organic ingredients this week and bought a juicer, which I love. I make a juice every morning and I found I have increased energy almost all day…almost. It also works out great for me because I am beyond hungry in the mornings. So the more I get to eat the better! I also got a great organic protein powder in vanilla that compliments the flavors. 



I bought all my fruits and veggies from the local farmers market. I know they are grown locally and without any pesticides or hormones AND It is way cheaper. Look at this haul for only $12 bucks!!! Insane! 

ImageSo using what I have, this morning I made a juice of pineapple, blueberries, mango, and beets. After I juice, I add a heaping spoon fill of the powder and stir well. It gives the juice a green color but don’t let looks deceive you, its delicious! 

Like my festive straw? Dollar section at Target! 

ImageFor snacks, I never thought I would say this but…baked kale chips are actually great! I simply tossed some in light olive oil, spread on a baking sheet and sprinkled with salt. Baked at 175 for about 30 minutes, flipping the leaves every 10. You can add the tiniest bit of parm if you wanted to add a little bit more flavor but I have a feeling you will find them savory with the salt. 


For dinner, I made this amazing quinoa bowl with organic chicken, sweet potato chips, sauteed kale and spinach, topped goji berries. 


I made this up myself, I simply added all the things I love to eat but prepared them in a better way. I cooked the chicken in a pan with coconut oil instead of oil and just added some salt and pepper. The quinoa is made with boiling water on the stove, nothing fancy, and sauteed the spinach and kale together in a pan with coconut oil, fresh garlic and lemon juice. The most work went into the sweet potatoes. I admit I usually buy the ones wrapped in plastic that take 7 minutes to bake in the microwave. Who has an hour to wait for a baked potato!? So I decided to compromise. I know a sliced potato cooks faster than a whole one. So, I made slices tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper, and rosemary and baked at 450 for 20 minutes, flipping them frequently.First potato sans plastic, my body is already thanking me! Finally, I topped the whole thing off with goji berries which are great form of antioxidants and adds a little sweetness to the bowl.

Ta Da! My first day of eating clean start to finish and feeling great. I even woke up at 6:30 this morning with little trouble. What do you think? Want to do this with me?!

I will continue to share great recipes and tricks to ease the transition as I continue my journey.



3 Comments on “eating clean

  1. lolol I feel like we are living parallel lives! I started eating “clean” or more specifically Paleo for a little over a week now and it feels faaaannnntastic 🙂

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