bubby chic

Let me tell you about my Bubby. She is one strong, stubborn, classy, elegant lady with all the answers for any life problem or health issue, who also happens to have one beautiful condo worth sharing. Her style is antique glam- a clean, sophisticated look with an appreciation for one of a kind pieces mixed with a touch of glitz and gild. I view most of her home as that one room you were never allowed to go in, fearing you would crease the sofa cushion and leave footprints. We got some quality B time in today and enjoyed a lovely afternoon talking about zombies, the Pope, current events, and birds.

Ladies and gentleman, without further adieu, Bubby…


This is my favorite spot in her home. These three tufted cocktail chairs are glamorous but understated. Bubby has owned this furniture for more than 50 years and they look brand new. She has reupholstered them a couple of times, this go around she went with a clean, white moire fabric. Image

The sheers are a simple lace, a pattern you rarely see anymore. I would love to do more projects with this fabric, so soft and romantic. Oh and stupid me, I took so many more detail photos but accidentally deleted them!  Control Z please?


A tried and true seating group. Love the clean look and moments of splendor with rose colored velvets and embroideries.

Fun fact: That table is custom made. Those were her andirons she made into a table base! Smart cookie, huh?


Now we move into the breakfast room with a fabulous lucite dining set. I adore lucite, I would love to have an army of lucite side chairs if i had a large enough space and 20/20 vision. I see this style coming back in a big way this year!


oh and can’t forget the Bubby glitz placed in the middle of the table base!


 She was known to be quite the hostess with a closet to match filled with custom, one of a kind pieces for any event. If I had it my way, I would frame 3-5 pieces and create a series of large scale shadow boxes on my imaginary 15′ high walls. They would be breath taking.

Bubby still leaves some garments out, absolutely aware of how beautiful these pieces are.


Even though her closet is amazing, her most prized possession is her African Gray, T Rex.


To end our tour, I left the best for last. Her views are amazing, with the intracoastal to the west and the ocean to the east.

Doesn’t get much better!


The Bubs, doing what she does best- looking fabulous


Any space inspire you this weekend? I hope everyone had a great one and ready for Monday!



3 Comments on “bubby chic

  1. That one of a kind dress and overcoat was made by her Father’s brother…”Uncle Benny”, who made custom dresses and gowns in NYC….It was pale yellow

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