cozy interiors

Hi friends! My apologies for being MIA this week, I had to return to work and catching up was exhausting! Today, I am inspired by the cold weather that seems to be making its way across the country. I don’t know about you, but in South Florida we had about two days of cold weather-rough I know- and it made me think of cozy, warm interiors. What would I want to come home to if I lived in Boston, after walking through feet of snow, finally breathing  a sign of relief that I am inside?

Les Gentianes

I love this space for numerous reasons. I think the wood texture brings in a certain level of warmth, which is only highlighted by the warm glow of the lights. The high pile of the rugs and texture of the fur poofs  accentuate the cozy feeling of this living room. I am also a big believer that neutral colors can work great for a lodge-esque interiors. Most people resort to the reds, yellows, and browns to exude “warm and cozy”, but as you can see, there are plenty of ways to lighten the space while begging you to curl up by the fire!

Rustic Barn

Interior Winter Inspiration- Dressing your home for winter | DeSmittenEclectic Interior

ok, brace yourself… I am going to shake it up a bit!

Red Velvet Sofa Warm And Cozy Interior Decor

Bohemian Scene

Even though this detours from my soft, clean, neutral palette, there will always be that bohemian/shabby chic part of me. Most people wouldn’t take this approach for a northern home, but I think it would work just as great as any of the above. The colors are warm, cheerful and exciting, as opposed to the monotone landscape outside. The brick wall just kicks is up a notch and grounds the whole space, which is very similar to using wood.

What do you think? What would make your home feel like the perfect retreat from the harsh conditions?


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