hello 2014



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope everyone welcomed 2014 with open arms and ready to make the most of another year. I know I am! This year, I am determined to push myself further in all areas of my life ranging from personal woes to professional feats. I am going to try to put myself in those situation I usually avoid in hopes of over coming fears and reaping the benefits. Instead of resolutions, I just try to reflect and always do better to become the best person I can be. What do you hope for the upcoming year?

I hope everyone had a great night and an even better start to the year. I just lounged today, totally unproductive but well needed to gather my strength for work tomorrow. So much to do so little time! 

Here are some shots of my night. Have a great day tomorrow! 


                           Who doesn’t love photo props?


                    Happy New Year!!!!!!


                          My go to girl


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