midnight menu


Now that we have the perfect NYE outfit, we can start planning the most delicious menu to bring in the new year. This year, I think I am just going to have a few people over for finger foods and lots of bubbly. Eating, drinking, and close friends are what holiday’s were made for, right?!

To start,  I will welcome everyone with a glass of champagne. There are tons of recipes to mix up the standard drink, but try putting gold sugar along the rim of the glass to jazz it is up a bit . It will get them in the New Year spirit as soon as they walk through the door.


gold rimming sugar

Here are some other easy recipes for champagne…



sturdy and true, the mimosa


champagne punch

Now, we move on to the good stuff! Here are some of my favorite appetizers that are easy to make and real crowd pleasers!

Imagecaprese skewers

hint- they made moz balls already marinated in the necessary herbs! Easy!

Imagebaked brie with honey, rosemary, and toasted almonds

hint- my brie took a little bit longer to cook. I think it’s better a little more cooked since it will be out for a bit

Imagebacon wrapped dates with goat cheese


mini pretzels

why not kill two birds with one stone and make extra dough for some pretzels pigs in a blanket? Just wrap some hot dog cuts and bake!


After a couple drinks, good laughs. and warm food, on to my favorite part…dessert!


image source

Surprise! You can use your gold rimming sugar to sprinkle on top of some marshmallows for NYE pizzazz! You can easily pass around a candle lighter and toast up the s’more or microwave for a bit if you can’t wait. The lighter is nice because it’s kinda like a group activity. Just don’t get too crazy!


champagne cake pops

This recipe looks a little daunting, I have made some easy cake pops so worst case, pick you favorite flavor and decorate accordingly. Oh hey, I got some gold sugar I can use!


bourbon truffles

I am getting hungry just typing! I can not wait to have all my friends together and look forward to a new year full of great things to come. What are you planning on doing? Any new year’s resolutions? Whatever it is, I hope it’s full of love and laughter!


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