monogram gift guide

I am usually not a fan of monograms due to my lack of a middle name, but recently I find myself drawn to the chic accessories bearing my letter J. That letter makes something feel a little bit more personal and special to me. With that being said, I think monogrammed accessories make great gifts for the hostess of that upcoming holiday party, between friends, or little items for yourself! Items tailored just for them will come across as something a little bit more thoughtful and meaningful then that 2007 bottle of wine you have been holding onto since last Christmas.

Here are some of my favorite pieces!


c wonder – monogram cheese board

This cheese board is great to get for the hostess of a party. I have a plain wood cutting board and I love looking at the contrast between the wood grains of the board and the sleekness of the stone counter top. This board would look great on display all year round!


c wonder- monogram pillow
Imageetsy amore beaute – monogram pillow

Imageetsy amore beaute – monogram pillow

I couldn’t decide on just one pillow, I love them all! Pillows are a great way to add your style to any area of your home. It is also an inexpensive way to switch up a look or change home decor for the holiday season. These pillows are bold and classic sending the message – yes, I live here and I love it, welcome!


esty jill rosenwald – monogram tray
Imageetsy happy thoughts gifts – monogram acrylic tray

Trays are a great gift for anyone. I think they very versatile possessing the characteristics of a functional, yet pretty accessory. If a person would like to use it as a spot to drop the mail or organize their paper work, go right ahead. I also welcome the idea of using it on a coffee table as just a pretty thing to admire.  I loved the idea of the acrylic tray. Its reads a little bit more clean and understated, allowing your monogram to really stand out.

Imageanthropologie – monogram mug

Who doesn’t need a mug? It’s great for couples, that way they can never mix up their coffees in the morning.

Imageanthropologie – monogram key chain

I am always on the search for a functional key chain. Something used everyday deserves to be beautiful but I also want the security that my keys will not fall off.  I think I might actually go out and get this one for myself!


etsy jak handmade – monogram stationary
Imageetsy dawn and emil – monogram stationary

As a confessed journal/stationary/paper freak I always welcome the idea of personalized stationary. In my opinion, there is nothing more special than receiving a letter in the mail, no, I didn’t leave off the “e”, I am talking about the snail mail that takes 2-3 days to deliver. The wait and suspense of not only receiving letters but sending letters is why it is so special! Emails can be so quick and predictable, lacking the personality of your handwriting or doodles that can convey your message. Stationary could motivate people to write often and feel a little bit more appreciated within their community. OH, and would you take a look at the inside of that envelope? I mean, that would brighten up my day in seconds!

What kind of gifts would make you feel special and unique this year?


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