Art Basel Miami 2013

This past weekend was Art Basel in Miami and if you didn’t get a chance to go.. .make it a priority next year! Art Basel is a modern and contemporary art show that started in the 1970’s in Basel, Switzerland.  Currently, the show is only in Basel, Miami, and Hong Kong. They say Basel is the international meeting place of the world in the summer and Miami is the winter meet up spot. Thousands of artists, from all over the world, come to showcase their art at these shows..and its kind of a big deal! I absolutely feel so inspired when I go to any art show, like how did they think of that?  What inspires them? Which is shortly followed by, “I want to be like that.. I want to do that.. lets just be artists!” Who’s in?!!? But really, I find myself truly amazed at the talent people possess. I think I did not stop smiling the entire time. Just thinking about it makes me feel excited. Is that weird? That environment- with all the colors, pattern, and people, is like a tourist standing in Times Square for the first time, soaking in all New York has to offer. The best is when you get to stand nose close to a painting and admire every single layer and brush stroke. I love to paint and seeing these details help me break down the painting, allowing myself to think I can do this too! Here are some of my favorites with some that are just too unusual not to share..enjoy!


My sister and I went to Scope (one of the exhibits part of Art Basel on South Beach). This particular exhibit was a temporary structure right on the water.


Tom Fruin- inspired by corner stores in Argentina.


My sister and I in the house


Safaedin Emami- From the Hero Series
the middle of the painting lights up


Not too sure.. something interesting!


LOVED this photo graph- love the movement, colors and the ability to draw you near asking, “what is that?”… they look like mushrooms!


I loved the simplicity of these… and they seem pretty easy to make!


This was an artist from Japan. Aren’t the colors amazing as a collection? You could look at them forever


a close up of an area.. looks like multimedia with glue and paint!


Various types of art was showcased, including art installations


Sculptural flowers . I love the relationship between the flowers with the backdrop of art.


plexiglass art.. with a cameo from my sister!


Antoine Rose- These were AMAZING.The photographs looked like washed out backgrounds with sprinkles but they were all beach scenes with people scattered about. The colors of their beach umbrellas, blankets, and suits were so bright and vibrant, it made you think how beautiful but also how stereotypical these scenes were. The right image is a close up of the people, you could actually see almost all of them gazing up staring at the helicopter.


Myako Suzuki- Colour on Kraft. Another personal favorite. From afar it looks like a woven piece but these are all individual post it size papers with doodles on each. Each drawing compliments each other and the colors work so beautifully together. When can I put this in a acrylic case and call it a day?


I was drawn the color and materials used to make this sculpture. The white wall background is so crisp


This is bubble wrap!! Each bubble is injects with paint..INDIVIDUALLY!


Yves Hayat – Perfumes of Revoit
Prints on transparent film- they are melted and deformed. how cool right?


the barbies went from clothes to naked.. so entertaining.


Francisca Ahlers- Libreria Inglesa
Love the simplicity of the sketch with the colored images. The frame grounds the entire piece.


Frame painted on the wall.. genius


Jewelry exhibit


Not so Cinderella


Barbie and Ken

I don’t know how I am going to sleep tonight after reviewing all these great images. I hope you fine inspiration and maybe even a new artist to discover! What environment do you feel is your element?


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