small fish in a big pond

Ever have one of those weeks where no matter how hard you try to do the right thing, your only response back is negative? Join the club! This week was just rough…

Life can be pretty challenging as an interior designer. You are the face of a project that ultimately controls how one single person, a family, or pedestrians live and respond to the built environment you are providing. If that isn’t enough pressure alone, you then have to deal with the emotions of the client. YOU are responsible for making them believe and trust in your abilities. This week, I failed at that. My abilities have been questioned, which then lead me to question myself…and down the rabbit hole we go! I am assuming we all work very hard at our jobs, otherwise we wouldn’t have them. When is it OK to walk away from a negative situation, knowing you have done everything to the best of your abilities and you will successfully fulfill your duties, without taking those comments to heart and doubting yourself? Is that even possible? It was so easy to excel in high school and college, even graduate school but this real world stuff is  tough! Maybe it’s time to think of getting  a PhD..

I might be too far down the rabbit hole by now, but today just has me asking myself – how did I get here??  Five years ago, if you would of asked me where I see myself today, almost every aspect of my life would be different.  Is this considered off track or just life?  Sometimes I wish I could fast forward life to let myself know that I will be OK.

I want to be the person that dreams big and believes she can do anything. I want to be able to put myself out there and make risky decisions. I don’t want to be afraid of embarrassing myself or showing I’m vulnerable. I would like to think everyone has this type of discussion with themselves but how do some people actually conquer their fears?


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3 Comments on “small fish in a big pond

  1. When I think about where my fabulous friend Jenna is in her life, this is what I think: 1: Young, healthy and thriving 2: Never quitting at giving everything she does her best effort 3: A great friend, always 4: Career focused, rising the ranks and on her way to great things which will come with time 5: Loved, loved, loved by so many!

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