First Five Things

For my first post, I would love to share some of my favorite things and current trends I am absolutely obsessed with so you can learn a little bit more about me.

1. The love of my life, Mischa

mischa sleeping mischa cheetah 

Ok, ok so she’s my 4 year old Italian Greyhound and if my soul mate (where ever he might be) could be reincarnated, it would be Mishca. For every life changing moment, Mischa has been there. And believe me, these past four years have been anything but predictable. FYI, if you want to learn more about Mischa’s totally chic harness vest click here! harness vest

2. Gardening

gardengarden pan

I currently live in an apartment..sigh. I would give anything for a backyard just to surround myself with any flower I could get my hands on! In the meantime, this little balcony brings a smile to my face every morning. Sometimes I find it amazing how much these guys have grown. I certainly feel a sense of responsibility to make sure they continue to thrive and it feels nice to be able to take care of something.

3. Pajama Sets

pajamaPajama Set

Nothing makes me feel more chic and put together than a classic pajama set. I recently just purchased a cute houndstooth and polka dot set..obsessed! These sets are more than just a cute way to lay around the house,  I see it as achieving a new level of maturity and setting myself in the right direction. Throwing out all those old college and concert tees was a sense of moving forward to bigger and better things.  Don’t worry about breaking the bank on PJ’s, this cutie set is from Target!

4. Gold Accessories

gold flatware

Gold Flatware

I am loving this whole gold and white trend influencing all areas of design. The color combo is so refreshing, clean, and timeless. My new gold flatware is absolutely all of the above. It might go in theme with the pajama set, but it makes me feel a little bit more settled and established. It’s a great morning when I get to cuddle up with mischa…while eating breakfast with my gold flatware… in my polka dot pajama set…looking out to my little garden. That really came full circle, huh?

5. My Job

beach 3 beach 1 beach 2

I am currently working on a beach house that started as just a furnish job, but quickly turned into a complete gut job! This is my first real big project, that encompasses construction, fixtures, and finishes – start to finish. The client wanted a subtle Moroccan themed interior. I am talking about faux finish walls, hand painted tiles, a variety of fabric patterns, and long sheer draperies blowing in the wind – it’s going to be gorgeous. I can’t wait to share the finish product!


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